Lakshmi Khatri’s Mother’s Chicken Tikka

Chicken Tikka

I love Indian food but find it a challenge to prepare. My colleague Dr. Khatri and I made an Indian feast for our resident physicians at my house. Here is a marvelous and quick main dish for 4 or 40. It’s a great party dish because you can prepare the meat the day before and just barbecue the next day. Great served at room temperature so the dish can be waiting for your guests.

Go out and get a box or two of Shan Chicken Tikka BBQ Mix available at any Indian grocery store.

2 whole chickens cut up with bone. Remove skin. Cut the breasts and thighs into smaller pieces (quarter the breast, halve the thighs). Put chicken in a mixture of vegetable oil (about ½ cup), 6 cloves of garlic, couple tablespoons of ginger paste (or a bunch of fresh ginger), lemon juice (6 lemons worth) and a box of chicken Tikka spice mix. Combine well and rest overnight covered in the refrigerator. Then just barbecue and rock!